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2017 Firebrand Odd Year Conference for Oddball Products

Join industry colleagues and the Firebrand team for the Firebrand Odd Year Conference for Oddball Products on September 19 & 20, 2017 in New York, NY.

We know that our clients are invested in more than books alone… and so are we.

Come explore, learn, and share your roadmap for non-book products and how we, the Firebrand community, can solve the pressing issues of managing workflows and data distribution for these Oddball products.

This topic and conference is evolving. Visit firebrandtech.com/conference for up-to-date information.

Space is limited to the first 50 registrants.

[Webinar] Eloquence on Alert Launch and Training

It’s finally here! Eloquence on Alert, our powerful new service that provides you with Actionable Market Intelligence, is out of Beta testing.
Come see the new features available in the official launch, including helpful configuration settings and a detailed dashboard view. See examples of some of the interesting intelligence Eloquence on Alert has already delivered to our clients, and learn how it can help you catch issues, track trends, and stay on top of your metadata in the retail marketplace.

This webinar will serve not only as an informational webinar for interested parties, but also as training for those of you who are signed up to go live. Please contact us at askburnie@firebrandtech.com if you would like more information on getting signed up.

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[Webinar] Title Management Workflows

Title Management helps publishers around the world manage their workflows every day. Join Joshua Tallent as he takes you on tour of this application’s workflow functions, from acquisition, to scheduling, to marketing projects, to printings and purchase orders.

This high-level overview will help you better understand how Title Management can help you and your team better manage your publishing process, keeping everyone on track and introducing efficiencies into everything you do.

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[Webinar] Elements of High-Quality Metadata

A repeat! Metadata quality is a constant concern for publishers. Did you include enough information? What fields are actually needed? What is the best time to update your metadata?

In this webinar, Joshua Tallent will answer these and other burning metadata questions, with examples, recommendations, best practices and more. He will also show you the latest features in our Eloquence on Alert service, which provides you with actionable market intelligence about the metadata of your titles in the retail marketplace.

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BookCon is the event where storytelling and pop culture collide. BookCon is the ultimate celebration of books, where your favorite stories come to life.

Firebrand’s NetGalley representatives will be available in our booth on the show floor. Come see us!

[Webinar] Overview of Firebrand Products and Services

Firebrand provides publishers with a host of software applications and services that address the practical and strategic needs of publishers around the world. Join us for this informative overview of our products and services, including:

  • Title Management
  • Eloquence on Demand
  • Eloquence on Alert
  • NetGalley
  • FlightDeck
  • and more!

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[Webinar] FlightDeck

FlightDeck is the most powerful EPUB validation and quality assurance application available. It goes deeper than EpubCheck, with testing against industry Best Practices and a robust retailer test grid that ensures your EPUB will be accepted by the major ebook retailers.

This webinar will include an overview and demo of the FlightDeck system, including how it is integrated into Title Management. You can also take the opportunity to ask Joshua, a renowned ebook expert, all of your burning questions.

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[Webinar] Creating a Publisher Website

A high quality publisher website can be a great benefit to book discoverability and sales. In this webinar, Joshua Tallent from Firebrand Technologies and Rupert Haslam from Supadu will talk about the different ways a publisher can approach this kind of project, including options for making use of Title Management and the metadata you are creating for your Eloquence on Demand trading partners.

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[Webinar] Tasks and Scheduling in Title Management

Title Management includes a very robust task scheduling system that allows you to track your workflows through every step of the publishing process, including Acquisitions, Contracts, Editorial, Production, and more. These Task Management and Scheduling features can be completely customized to the needs of your organizations, so you don’t have to change your workflows just because the system doesn’t have the tasks that you need.

In this webinar, Joshua Tallent will take you on a tour of this scheduling functionality and answer all of your questions about how it works.

This webinar will provide an overview for publishers not using Tasks now and a refresher for those already using it.

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Protestant Church-Owned Publishers Association (PCPA) Spring Conference