Who is Firebrand?

We are a Technology company that helps publishers make books SUCCEED!

We have been helping publishers manage their internal workflows, digital distribution, and marketing efforts for over 30 years. Our technology solutions touch the lives of thousands of print, ebook, and audio professionals every day.

Our unique, community-focused approach gives our clients more than just tools and support, it helps create an optimal atmosphere for innovation and product success.

Firebrand’s Full Suite of Publishing Tools

Manage your titles from acquisition through publication in the publishing workflow solution that set the standard

Seamlessly send rich title metadata and content to all your trading partners, wholesalers, and distributors

Actionable Market Intelligence for your books in major retail channels

The Firebrand Family:

Promote new titles to readers of influence with this industry-standard digital galley service


Be you
Be Bookish

The most powerful EPUB testing tool available

researchlabslogoTesting theories and researching innovative ideas for the publishing community

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The people at Firebrand really know publishing. They have all of the technical knowledge and experience, of course, but they know publishing inside and out and can speak to us in our own language. They also have a depth and breadth of experience and a genuine interest in the future of the business. All of this together makes them not only a great vendor, but a valuable resource.

Jana Faust Manager, Digital Assets and IT, University of Nebraska Press May 19, 2016

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