Firebrand Team

Firebrand’s commitment to community starts right in our own team. We come from all backgrounds, both inside and outside the publishing industry, and share a passion for books and dedication to quality.

Executive Team

Angela Bole
Chief Executive Officer

Angela Bole is Chief Executive Officer of Firebrand Group, a global collection of companies including Firebrand Technologies, Supadu, and NetGalley that offers comprehensive technology solutions to nurture book publisher success. Before Firebrand Group, she was Chief Executive Officer of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), a position she held for 9 years.

With over 20 years of book industry experience, Angela has spent her career creating and nurturing the kind of collaboration that builds best-in-class products and services. In 2019, she was named a Publishers Weekly notable person of the year for her work moving the causes of independent publishers forward. In addition, she has served on the boards of the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) and the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). During her service to BISG, she was awarded both the Community Builder Award and the Industry Champion Award.

Angela has a master’s degree in Book Publishing from New York University and a bachelor’s in English with a minor in Gender Studies from Indiana University Bloomington. An avid reader, she lives in Redondo Beach, California where she runs a monthly book club of over 700 members, practices yoga as often as possible, and crochets blankets that are always looking for a good home.

Shane Archer
Chief Technology Officer

Shane entered the Firebrand family in 2014 as NetGalley's Director of Technology, where he built and oversaw the team that delivered the next generation mobile-first NetGalley experience that we know and love today. As NetGalley continued to expand further into the global market, Shane's role transitioned in 2017 to Chief Technology Officer of Firebrand Group.

Prior to Firebrand, Shane led technology teams in the real estate and mobile gaming industries after working his way up from his first full time web engineering job in 2006. At the time that was a big career shift, as he had previously been a full time writer and editor for a radio controlled car hobbyist magazine.

A San Diego native and University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate, Shane has never been far from books. He grew up in the waning era of the bookmobile, one of which dutifully visited the school bus stop near his childhood home twice a week. From those early days onward, Shane devoured books from just about every genre, though he has always had a soft spot for fantasy and science fiction.

Besides reading, Shane is a frequent disc golfer, follows Dodgers baseball and Arsenal soccer, and spends a great deal of time hiking through California's backcountry.


Firebrand Experience Team

Rob Stevens
Director of Product Operations
Joshua Tallent
Director of Sales & Education
Kevin Franco
Senior Product Manager
Krissy Rechtlich
Sales Assistant
Charlie Dalton
Title Management Support Manager
Taylor Laing
Application Support Analyst
Caroline Sperry
Application Support Analyst
Margaret Moss
Senior Application Support Analyst
Krysta Arguin
Application Support Analyst
Kendall Douglas
Application Support Analyst

Professional Services Team

Paul Milana
Director of Professional Services
Brock Lyman
Chief Project Manager
Tolga Tuncer
Chief Architect
Alicia Solis
Director of Relationship Management
Ingrid Biederman
Associate Project Manager
Ben Todd
Integrations Manager
Josh Blanchette
Lead Integration Developer
Jon Hess
Senior Engineer
Debbie Courtois
Lead Integration Support Specialist
Lauren Sutherland
Implementations Manager, Eloquence on Demand
Jesse Correll
Senior SQL Developer
Nick Weckman
Implementation Specialist
Roger Ramirez
Implementation Specialist
Ivan Castronuno
Implementation Specialist
Dallas Heil
Implementation Specialist

Finance Team

Addison Minott
Director of Finance & Admin
Tina Comeau
Office Manager
Susan Goniprow
Senior Accountant

Eloquence Services

Annie Johnston
Director, Eloquence on Demand
Martha Moore
Eloquence Special Projects Manager
Linda Mills
Service Operations
Erika Kuster
Customer Account Manager
Steed Brown
Technical Customer Support Analyst

Technology Team

Alan Katzen
Chief Engineer
Derek Kurth
Chief Cloud Engineer
Colman O'Connor
Software Architect
Brandon Hayes
Senior DevOps Engineer
Dustin Miller
Ryan Durham
Senior Software Engineer
Chris Adler
A.J. Cadell
Liam Reynolds
Steve Quaglia
Cloud Operations Manager
Olivia Asaro
Title Management Product Manager
Myfanwy Collins
Title Management Program Manager
Barbara Blanchette
QA and Release Engineering
Marie Katzen
QA and Release Engineering
Cody Randall
QA Automation Engineer
Emily Schroeder
Software Quality Assurance Specialist
Colleen Curry
Software Quality Assurance Specialist
Bill Bennett
Technology Infrastructure
Kevin Tremblay
SQL Developer / Data Engineer
Chad Murphy
IT Specialist


Lindsey Lochner
Executive Vice President
Kristina Radke
VP, Business Growth & Engagement
Tarah Theoret
Senior Director, Community Experience
Mary Pratt
Director of Product Management
Darcy Piedmonte
Senior Sales Manager
Curt Hendley
Project Manager
Courtney Walter
Project Manager, Publisher Features
Kelly Gallucci
Executive Editor, We Are Bookish
Amanda Delatorre
Aaron Opela
Senior Engineer
Mike Salem
Ryan Archer
Preston Brynie
Todd Twiggs
Brianna Paulino
Email Marketing Specialist
Katie Versluis
Customer Success Manager
Mark O'Brien
Sales Assistant
Alyce Reese
Marketing Specialist
Alicia Schaefer
Manager, Community Support
Megan McCormick
Community Support Agent
Emily Lau
Technical Project Manager
Hallie Fields
Social Media Assistant Manager
Stuart Evers
Director, NetGalley UK
Natalie Fox
Administrative Assistant, NetGalley UK
Maria Bodmer
Customer Relations and Community Management, NetGalley France
Prudence Servan
Marketing and Administrative Assistant, NetGalley France
Karlotta Lehnert
Trainee, NetGalley Germany & Readers First
Karina Elm
Director, NetGalley Germany
Nobuto Fujiyoshi
NetGalley Japan Manager
Mayumi Fujita
NetGalley Japan
Tim Coon
Andrew Heaton
Visual Design