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[Webinar] Supadu and Firebrand Discuss the Power of Website Analytics and Data Collection

Do you have a data strategy? As the age of big data continues to advance, many publishers are struggling with getting actionable intelligence out of their data. We are joining with Supadu in this webinar about data collection tools and resources.

We will talk about the power of website analytics—how can you use them to boost your sales and marketing effectiveness. We will discuss Google Analytics and the Eloquence on Alert platform, as well as tips and tricks you can use to manage your data more effectively and gain insights into your business.


[Webinar] Conquering Your Metadata Challenges: Increasing Sales With Better Data – with BookNet Canada


Webinar: Overview of Eloquence on Alert

Eloquence on Alert monitors critical factors such as fluctuating sale prices, missing product pages, third party seller activity and other key indicators of your title’s health. EoA’s deep data gives you the power to confidently and proactively ensure your catalog’s ongoing success. Eloquence on Alert puts all of this information, and more, at your fingertips, with daily data collections, robust monitoring, custom alerts, and detailed searching capabilities. Register here.

ECPA Webinar: Metadata Revolution: How Eloquence on Demand Helps Christian Publishers

Your metadata is the message you send to consumers. With radical changes happening in the Christian retail marketplace, your metadata is becoming even more important than before. Join Joshua Tallent, the metadata master at Firebrand Technologies, as he talks about the metadata revolution, and how the Eloquence on Demand system can help you solve modern publishing problems. You will learn:

– How metadata has changed over the last 20 years.
– The role metadata plays in marketing, and the impact is has on your book sales.
– Best practices for metadata and how Christian publishers can make the most of often-unused metadata content.
– How metadata management systems work to make your company more efficient.

In addition, Joshua will talk about Eloquence on Demand™, Firebrand’s metadata management system that has been praised as the “gold standard” in metadata management, and the special member discount available to ECPA members.

Webinar: Overview of Marketing and Publicity Projects

Track your Marketing Plans, Campaigns, Author Tours, and other marketing and publicity projects with ease, using the built-in features in Title Management Enterprise. This robust system allows you to track consolidated budgets and actual costs, event details, printing specifications, connected titles, and more. Bring efficiency and consistency to this key area of your business.

Intended for Title Management Enterprise Users

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Webinar: Overview of Production Specs, Printings, and Purchase Orders

Title Management Enterprise’s Production module provides publishers with robust features to track the production process of books and other products from start to finish. Manage all of your product specifications, with details that matter to you and to your vendors. Create specification templates that make setting up new products a cinch. Maintain all of your printings in one place, with details that copy easily from one printing to the next. Create Purchase Orders from your printings easily, including POs for one title or multiple titles, and POs for print runs with shared components (co-editions, etc.). This webinar will give you a detailed overview of all of this functionality, and will help you understand how Title Management helps publishers around the world manage their production processes more efficiently.

Intended for Title Management Enterprise Users

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Webinar: Overview of Acquisitions in Title Management

The Acquisitions process is often the most important steps in the publishing process, and Title Management Enterprise includes many features that can help you mange this process efficiently. You can track all of the relevant information about your acquisitions projects, including: manuscript iterations and peer reviews; multiple versions of projected P&L’s for comparison; early product specifications; and acquisition status and schedule reports. In addition, you can set up Master Acquisitions to track the acquisition of multiple books in a series, student and teacher editions, etc.

Intended for Title Management Enterprise Users

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Webinar: Overview of Catalogs

For many publishers, creating a print/PDF catalog involves copying title information from a spreadsheet or other source manually into InDesign, dealing with constantly-changing information, and pulling your hair out in copious amounts. Title Management Enterprise can save you hours of time (and lots of hair) by connecting with InDesign and sharing data with it directly. Sync with the database to get metadata updates, create rich templates that auto-fill data as needed, and get clear warnings about overset text and other issues.

Intended for Title Management Enterprise Users

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Webinar: Overview of Rights Management

Rights management can confusing and frustrating to track effectively. How do you manage all of the different possible territorial rights configurations of your titles? How do you ensure that the contract rights are not accidentally copied incorrectly to the title? How do you track subrights, rights sales, and more? This webinar will explain how Title Management Enterprise can help you manage every aspect of your rights from beginning to end.

Intended for All Title Management Users

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Webinar: Overview of Tasks and Scheduling in Title Management

Title Management Enterprise includes a very robust task scheduling system that allows you to track your workflows through every step of the publishing process, including Acquisitions, Contracts, Editorial, Production, and more. These Task Management and Scheduling features can be configured to meet the needs of your organization, following your naming conventions and your schedule structure. This webinar will provide an overview for publishers not using Tasks now and a refresher for those already using it.

Intended for Title Management Enterprise Users

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