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[Webinar] Ebook Subscription: New Model, New Revenue

Subscription is everywhere – from TV shows, films and music to gyms and food deliveries. However, eBook subscription has historically been a concern for many publishers. In this webinar, Firebrand’s Ebook Wholesale partner Perlego will discuss:

  • Why only operating on one traditional sales model means monetising only part of the market
  • How they generate new revenue for publishers by reclaiming users from piracy or secondhand sales
  • Ways of collaborating with publishers to promote key titles and authors, thereby increasing user engagement

With over 825,000 educational titles to date, Perlego is a global aggregated eBook subscription service that counts major players such as Wiley, Elseiver, Hachette, HarperCollins and Bloomsbury among its partners. With users in over 175 countries, Perlego can bring your eBook list to a new global audience at no cost to you.

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Firebrand Group Community Conference

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AUPresses Annual Meeting

BISG Annual Meeting

ECPA Leadership Summit

[ECPA Webinar] Mastering Metadata Cleanup: How to approach a major overhaul or a minor update

As many publishers take on the task of cleaning up their metadata and tackling the backlist, the process for that cleanup can seem overwhelming. While a good metadata overhaul certainly requires a lot of work, that work can be pretty straightforward when you have the right tools and processes in place.

In this webinar, Joshua Tallent from Firebrand Technologies will walk you through the best practices, tips, tricks, and processes that lead to a successful metadata cleanup project. Using real world examples from the Christian market, Joshua will discuss:

  • How to prepare for the cleanup process
  • How to pick the best titles for your first cleanup
  • Which metadata elements make the biggest impact, and why
  • How to create keywords when you don’t know anything about the book
  • How to watch your titles to ensure your changes are being applied in the marketplace
  • and more!

This webinar will provide tips and tricks for marketers, metadata specialists, and anyone else on your team who is interested in fixing metadata problems and making more sales. We will also discuss the ECPA member program for Eloquence on Demand, and how you can get a 10% discount on our metadata delivery service

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2020 Virtual Community Conference

Join us for our Community Conference, a time dedicated to learning what other publishers are doing, and what’s new at Firebrand!

While the Firebrand Community Conference will be conducted virtually this year, we want to make this event unlike any other online conference you have seen. As you probably know, the Community Conference has always been a place where our clients can learn from their peers, discuss difficult issues, and come away with ideas and recommendations to transform their businesses.

This year will be no different! We have some great sessions planned throughout the day, and unique opportunities to connect with other publishers, and with the Firebrand team.

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[Webinar] Supadu and Firebrand Discuss the Power of Website Analytics and Data Collection

Do you have a data strategy? As the age of big data continues to advance, many publishers are struggling with getting actionable intelligence out of their data. We are joining with Supadu in this webinar about data collection tools and resources.

We will talk about the power of website analytics—how can you use them to boost your sales and marketing effectiveness. We will discuss Google Analytics and the Eloquence on Alert platform, as well as tips and tricks you can use to manage your data more effectively and gain insights into your business.


[Webinar] Conquering Your Metadata Challenges: Increasing Sales With Better Data – with BookNet Canada


Webinar: Overview of Eloquence on Alert

Eloquence on Alert monitors critical factors such as fluctuating sale prices, missing product pages, third party seller activity and other key indicators of your title’s health. EoA’s deep data gives you the power to confidently and proactively ensure your catalog’s ongoing success. Eloquence on Alert puts all of this information, and more, at your fingertips, with daily data collections, robust monitoring, custom alerts, and detailed searching capabilities. Register here.