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SaskBooks Conference

[BISG Webinar] What is Blockchain?

Join BISG for an informative webinar on BLOCKCHAIN! Looking for information about this new technology and what it could mean for the book industry? This FREE webinar is a great place to start.

Featuring excellent speakers from the BISG Rights Committee:
Tricia McCraney (Committee Chair, Virtusales)
Kris Kliemann
Bill Rosenblatt (GiantSteps)
Rina Pantalony (Columbia University Libraries)
Doug Lessing (Firebrand Technologies)

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[Webinar] Title Management Version 10 Highlights

The newest version of Title Management is here! Join Joshua Tallent for an exciting webinar, as he gives you a complete overview of the updates and enhancements in version 10, including:

  • Design and framework updates
  • Verification system updates
  • Keywords enhancements
  • Integrated and expanded documentation
  • and more!

This upgrade is being rolled out to clients now, so get prepared for it in advance. Bring your questions about this and anything else related to Title Management for the included Q&A session.

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[Webinar] Audiobook Metadata: Your most important asset

Audiobook publishers are riding a wave of interest and excitement over their products, but in the midst of explosive growth it is easy to lose track of the less visible, but still important, elements of your business. Metadata can be a dull topic to some people, but it has a tremendous impact on the visibility and sales of any book, whether print or audio. This webinar will dive into audiobook metadata with gusto, giving you best practices and ideas for effectively managing this important business asset. We’ll discuss metadata management strategies to increase efficiency and decrease errors, best practices for audiobook-specific metadata, and strategies for increasing visibility and sales with keywords. Register Here

[Webinar] Creating Keywords with an Impact! (designed for ECPA members)

Have you been wondering how you can improve the visibility of your books on Amazon? Have you heard about the great boosts to visibility keywords can provide for your books? Join Joshua Tallent from Firebrand Technologies in this informative webinar as he discusses:

  • How Amazon’s search mechanisms work.
  • How keywords can accentuate all of the marketing you are already doing for your book and help drive discoverability and sales.
  • Practical advice and instruction on creating keywords that will make the biggest impact on your book’s visibility.
  • Some early results from a new case study about the impact of keywords, as well as some information and advice based on previous research studies.

In addition, Joshua will talk about Eloquence on Demand, Firebrand’s metadata management system, and the special member discount available to ECPA members.

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[Webinar] Getting More Out of Title Management Enterprise

Learn how Title Management Enterprise can help you tackle the latest changes and developments in publishing, providing tools and efficiencies as you increase your speed, the number of books printed, and the quality and longevity of your books. This short webinar will give you clear examples and information on getting more out of your current Title Management Enterprise license. Register Now

[Webinar] Tracking Third-Party Sales (BISG)

The landscape for third-party sales is changing. In March, 2017 Amazon allowed its third party marketplace sellers to compete for the Buy Box for Books. Prior to this, Amazon was the only seller listed for new books, sourcing books directly from the publishers or through known wholesale partners. This change for Books, which had been in place for most other products on Amazon, meant that publishers were competing for sales with sellers that had sourced books from a myriad of channels.

Join BISG Board Chair & President of Kaplan Publishing Maureen McMahon and President of Firebrand Doug Lessing as they discuss what third-party sales are and how often they are occurring, the implications for publishing and why the practice is here to stay. Meet third-party book seller Zack Price, who will share an insider’s perspective. Learn how BISG will continue to be involved in examining this issue and how its members can participate.

In this Webinar we hope to raise awareness about third party sales by covering these topics:

  • What are third party sales?
  • How do third party sales work? Third-party seller Zack Price will offer an insider’s perspective.
  • Why should this matter to book publishing? What are the implications of ‘channel conflict’ which allows books from high discount or foreign markets to be sold back into the US Retail? What are the legal precedents that allows this to occur?
  • What is the direct impact on publishers and how can publishers become informed and proactively prepare for this new reality? Are there opportunities available now that weren’t there before?

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[Webinar] Overview of Production Specs, Printings, and Purchase Orders

Title Management’s Production module provides publishers with robust features to track the production process of books and other materials from start to finish. Manage all of your product specifications, with details that matter to you and to your vendors. Create specification templates that make the management process a cinch. Maintain all of your printings in one place, with details that copy easily from one to the next. Create Purchase Orders from your printings easily, including POs for one title or multiple titles, and POs for print runs with shared components.

This webinar will give you a detailed overview of all of this functionality, and will help you understand how Title Management helps publishers around the world manage their production processes more efficiently.

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[Webinar] Master Acquisitions and Works in Title Management

Have you ever wanted to track more than one book in the same acquisition project? Maybe you’re acquiring the rights to a series, or you have both student and teacher editions. Join us for an explanation of how Master Acquisitions and Master Works can help you in these and other similar situations. Register Here

[Webinar] Using Templates in Title Management

Title Management allows you to create many different kinds of templates. Whether you are creating a new title, a new acquisition project, or a new schedule, these templates have the ability to save you and your team time and energy while also reducing errors in the creation process. In addition to templates, Title Management also allows you to easily copy data from other titles and projects, giving you even more flexibility.

In this webinar, you will learn how to create title and project templates, how to utilize specification templates, and the two common approaches to adding schedule/task templates to your projects. This high-level training is suitable for any Title Management user.

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