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[Webinar] Tracking Third-Party Sales (BISG)

December 5, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

The landscape for third-party sales is changing. In March, 2017 Amazon allowed its third party marketplace sellers to compete for the Buy Box for Books. Prior to this, Amazon was the only seller listed for new books, sourcing books directly from the publishers or through known wholesale partners. This change for Books, which had been in place for most other products on Amazon, meant that publishers were competing for sales with sellers that had sourced books from a myriad of channels.

Join BISG Board Chair & President of Kaplan Publishing Maureen McMahon and President of Firebrand Doug Lessing as they discuss what third-party sales are and how often they are occurring, the implications for publishing and why the practice is here to stay. Meet third-party book seller Zack Price, who will share an insider’s perspective. Learn how BISG will continue to be involved in examining this issue and how its members can participate.

In this Webinar we hope to raise awareness about third party sales by covering these topics:

  • What are third party sales?
  • How do third party sales work? Third-party seller Zack Price will offer an insider’s perspective.
  • Why should this matter to book publishing? What are the implications of ‘channel conflict’ which allows books from high discount or foreign markets to be sold back into the US Retail? What are the legal precedents that allows this to occur?
  • What is the direct impact on publishers and how can publishers become informed and proactively prepare for this new reality? Are there opportunities available now that weren’t there before?

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