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Meet Flywheel: the NEW Backlist Sales & Marketing Service from Firebrand Technologies

The first of its kind, Flywheel is a full-service offering from Firebrand Technologies that harnesses the power of AI-supported technology to identify hidden opportunities for driving backlist sales, precisely when it matters most. Ready for client onboarding starting January 2024, Flywheel revolutionizes backlist discoverability and sales through the strategic enhancement of title information, providing technology-driven recommendations for metadata updates, a quick and easy way for these updates to go to market, and a user-friendly dashboard for real-time sales performance monitoring.

“Flywheel embodies Firebrand Technologies’ dedication to creating products that empower publishers through technology solutions. Flywheel will revolutionize the way publishers optimize backlist sales by helping them pick ‘the right titles at the right time’ through its unique combination of data science and publishing acumen,” says Kevin Franco, Firebrand Technologies Director of Special Projects and Flywheel’s head product manager.

Join Joshua Tallent on Wednesday, November 15 as he talks with Kevin Franco about Flywheel, the exciting new service recently announced at the Community Conference. Learn how Flywheel was designed to help publishers increase their backlist leveraging machine learning, A.I. and algorithms developed by Firebrand Technologies.

Firebrand Technologies Unveils Exciting New Products for 2024 Launch

Firebrand Technologies, a leader in book industry technology solutions for over 35 years, announced two exciting new products for 2024 release during its annual user conference held October 25. The new products—Firebrand Flywheel and Title Management Lite—were built to further empower the book publishing industry with enhanced workflow capabilities and sales opportunities.