2020 Firebrand Community Conference

November 18, 2020

Join us for our Community Conference, a time dedicated to learning what other publishers are doing, and what’s new at Firebrand!

While the Firebrand Community Conference will be conducted virtually this year, we want to make this event unlike any other online conference you have seen. As you probably know, the Community Conference has always been a place where our clients can learn from their peers, discuss difficult issues, and come away with ideas and recommendations to transform their businesses.

This year will be no different! We have some great sessions planned throughout the day, and unique opportunities to connect with other publishers, and with the Firebrand team.

I’ve been a Firebrand customer for seven years, and the Community Conferences have always been where I’ve made the biggest leaps in my TM skills. Not to mention that, I’ve always come away with a fresher understanding of trends in metadata and very often strategies I can put into practice immediately to give sales a boost.

JD Wilson Director of Marketing and Sales, Northwestern University Press February 21, 2018


11:00am – 12:00pm ET: Stories from the Field: How Our Daily Bread has found success on Amazon
Our opening session will be a discussion and deep dive into how Our Daily Bread, a mid-sized Christian publisher, was able to almost triple its sales on Amazon in just 3 years. Melissa Wade, ODB’s Digital Sales Manager, has spent countless hours investigating and correcting metadata issues, and has practical, fire-tested suggestions for processes, tools, and resources that work.

Joshua Tallent from Firebrand will talk with Melissa about these topics and more, and take your questions about Amazon, metadata management, Eloquence on Alert, and other related topics.

1:00pm – 2:00pm ET: Roadmaps, Tips, and Tricks
Join us for our annual Tips and Tricks session, now with added roadmap flavoring! First, we will talk about our upcoming development roadmap for Title Management, with insights into what to expect in version 10.6 and beyond, as well as an overview of the roadmap for Eloquence on Alert. Next, we will cover some tips and tricks that will help you be more efficient and more effective in your use of our different applications and service. After showing you some overall tips and tricks, we will split off into separate breakout rooms to talk about specific tips for Enterprise users and for Eloquence users.

2:30pm – 3:30pm ET: Projects in Title Management Enterprise
Duke University Press utilizes the Projects functionality in Title Management to support and track a wide range of marketing efforts for their books. Using Projects has allowed them to retire many press-wide shadow systems and bring this data into one system where everyone can easily see the breadth of promotional activities at the title and season level. This work has provided great insight into new initiatives, allowed the press to quantify activities, and set them up to make more data-driven business decisions.

In this session, Ashley Postlethwaite and Lee Willoughby Harris will cover the various marketing activities they track in Projects, what it is like working with those Projects on a daily basis, and the reports they have been able to create to get a full marketing picture. This reporting is jaw-dropping, and is a clear picture of how Title Management can revolutionize how you do business.

In addition to the details from Duke, Paul Milana from Firebrand will showcase some additional, powerful uses of the Projects functionality in Title Management Enterprise. If your team is using Title Management in any capacity, this is a session that you will not want to miss.

4:00pm – 5:00pm ET: Peer Perspectives Roundtables and Closing
One of the most helpful elements of the Community Conference is the ability to just chat with other attendees, hear what they think, and get their insights and suggestions on what they are doing to tackle the same problems you have. In this final session of the day, we are going bring that community element into the online conference format!

Join us for breakout conversations with your colleagues from other companies about topics that matter to you. Bring your questions for the group, as well as your own thoughts and suggestions for other attendees.

Confirmed breakouts currently include: Title Management Enterprise, Metadata Management, and University Presses. Want to suggest a breakout room? Contact Joshua (joshua@firebrandtech.com) with your idea!

After the breakout sessions are complete, we will come back together again for a final hurrah, including a drawing for a special prize.

5:30pm – 7:00pm ET: Trivia Competition!
Stick around after the last conference session and join us for our weekly Firebrand Trivia! The Firebrand team has been doing these trivia matches every week since this summer, and we are excited to have you join us. Grab a group of your colleagues from the office, or use the Slack meetup space to find some teammates. The highest-ranked client team will get a special prize, so put on your thinking caps!


Space is limited to Firebrand clients only