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Media Do International acquires Firebrand Technologies and NetGalley, LLC

Media Do International, the US based subsidiary of Media Do Ltd., in Japan, today announced that they have acquired all of the shares of Quality Solutions/Firebrand Technologies and NetGalley from their current shareholders. Fran Toolan, founder and CEO of the companies, will remain on as CEO for a minimum of three years.

“We are very pleased to bring Firebrand and NetGalley into the Media Do family,” says Daihei Shiohama, CEO of Media Do International. “We have long respected the works of the Firebrand Group, and are very excited about the prospects of working closely with them in the future.”

“Media Do has been NetGalley’s partner in Japan since 2016, and we know each other quite well,” says Toolan. “Firebrand and NetGalley have never been stronger as companies, and I believe that becoming part of the Media Do Group ensures continuity for our customers and opportunities for our team for many years to come.”

Media Do Co., Ltd. is one of the largest eBook distribution companies in the world and retains the largest share of Japan’s $3.7 billion eBook market*, and is based in Tokyo. Media Do International is based in San Diego, California. Media Do Group’s mission is to realize a sound creative cycle for copyrighted works by distributing them as widely as possible under fair use and maximizing profits to publishers/authors and rights owners. Quality Solutions/Firebrand Technologies was founded in 1987. NetGalley, LLC was acquired in 2008. Firebrand and NetGalley provide marketing and technology services for more than 500 publishers worldwide. NetGalley, LLC operates websites in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan.


About Firebrand Technologies
Firebrand Technologies is dedicated to providing leading software and services to help publishers achieve success. Firebrand provides steadfast leadership and seamless information flow throughout the entire publishing process. Title Management Enterprise Software tracks titles from pre-acquisition through post-production, marketing, and sales. Eloquence on Demand is the industry gold standard for implementing ONIX and maximizing control of how data and assets reach the marketplace. Eloquence on Alert’s proprietary title performance monitoring service collects key, hard-to-access details about your products from major online marketplaces and review sites, and puts all of that information directly at your fingertips. FlightDeck is the most powerful EPUB Quality Assurance and validation tool available. NetGalley helps publishers connect with a large and growing number of book influencers, creating buzz about your books, and getting key feedback, before publication.