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Firebrand acquires IP Assets from Enthrill Distribution, Inc.

Firebrand Technologies, a pioneer in publishing technology services, today announced the acquisition of the technology assets and brands from Enthrill Distribution, Inc., a provider of innovative digital content distribution technologies for the publishing industry.

The acquisition includes PackaDRM, a device agnostic social DRM, and the Endpaper Engine, an ebook delivery platform that delivers ebooks into any reading device. These technologies and brands will join the robust ebook delivery and distribution solutions already provided by Firebrand to customers around the world through Eloquence on Demand, NetGalley, and Direct2Reader.

PackaDRM works by inserting digital rights messaging within ebook files in a way that is comprehensive and visible to readers while offering a level of protection on copyrighted materials. The Endpaper Engine integrates with PackaDRM and delivers ebooks that are compatible with all popular devices, including ereaders, tablets, smartphones, and computers.

“Firebrand is the perfect fit for the technology developed at Enthrill, this deal offers a terrific opportunity to expand on the bulk ebook business we created,” says Kevin Franco, CEO of Enthrill.

Fran Toolan, Firebrand’s CEO and Chief Igniter says, “This addition to our service offering gives us yet another tool to help our publishing partners engage with readers.”
Kevin Franco will continue to work with Firebrand as a consultant for the foreseeable future.

Visit firebrandtech.com/eod to learn more about Firebrand’s ebook distribution and delivery services.


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