Deliver protected digital files directly to your consumers

eBook Exam & Desk Copies with
Social DRM & Watermarking Protection

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Are you providing free Exam and Desk copies of books being considered for course adoption? Are you battling the escalating costs of mailing physical books and sacrificing your content to the used book market? Are educators tired of return policies, paying shipping costs, and waiting for a book to arrive?

Save your sales team the time, money, and energy it takes to provide physical books for review
Eliminate the need to charge the educator for shipping
Stop asking educators to return the book after review or be charged

eBook Exam and Desk Copies avoid the cost to the educator and saves the valuable time of waiting for a physical book to arrive by mail.

Experience Firebrand’s Endpaper™ engine — a cloud-based software, independent of our Eloquence on Demand service, allowing publishers to fulfill orders from anywhere instantly.

Firebrand’s Social DRM and Watermarking Endpaper™ solution is non-disruptive to reader behavior and eliminates technology as a barrier to a sale.
The downloading of an external app is NOT required. No passwords… no hassles. This allows the purchased content to be read on any device and reach 100% of customers
Maximize reach and usage by allowing the reader to store and read eBooks in the manner to which they are accustomed
Track how many of your professors actually receive and open the eBook
Avoid the used book market and deter piracy with Social DRM and Watermarking

Multiple use scenarios include

Course Exam/Desk copies
Author copies
Conference giveaways
Raffles & Contests
Peer Review

Faster, cheaper, easier

Avoid lengthy contract terms and Pay As You Go
Deliver to educators efficiently & effectively
Spend less time and fewer internal resources on shipping physical books and tracking returns and invoices

Firebrand is proud to offer a Social DRM and Watermarking service, formerly offered through Enthrill. As of March 2017 Enthrill service offerings transitioned to the Firebrand suite of products.

Explore Firebrand’s Direct2Reader models below and contact us for a demonstration and more information.