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Our Eloquence on Demand service is not limited to only print books and ebooks. We also deliver audiobook-specific metadata in any required format (ONIX, Excel, proprietary XML, etc.) and audio files in WAV, MP3, and other formats directly to your partners. In addition, for publishers who have direct access to the Apple audiobooks system, we offer conversion of audio files into Apple’s proprietary audiobooks format from your MP3s.

Firebrand sends metadata and assets to over 500 trading partners, including a long list of audio partners (see below).

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Explore Eloquence on Demand in more detail or contact us if you have questions:

We chose to work with Firebrand on the strengths of Title Management as a flexible, configurable product and project management tool and Eloquence as a rock-solid way to get our publications to market. As a publisher of both books and journals, we needed a system that could support many types of publications and that could grow with us and our business, and Title Management fit the bill. What we didn’t anticipate, and now greatly depend on, is the strong community that comes with working with Firebrand. Firebrand participates fully in the publishing industry, not just as vendor in an exhibit hall. They bring ideas, best practices, and innovations back to the user community, and we benefit tremendously from the experiences of the wide variety of publishers who use their tools and services.

Allison C. Belan Director of Digital Strategies and Systems, Duke University Press May 19, 2016

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