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Flywheel is a new backlist sales & marketing service. Harnessing the power of AI-supported technology and proprietary data analysis algorithms, we identify hidden opportunities in the backlist and, with a mix of automated and hand-curated metadata enhancement, elevate both discoverability and sales.

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Recommendation Engine

Using data science & machine learning, Flywheel strategically selects which titles should be enhanced for optimal performance in market at the right time. Recommendations are made with our proprietary algorithm accessing multiple sources of internal and external data.

Metadata Enhancement

Key product information enhancements are made quickly and easily by the metadata experts at Firebrand Technologies to groups of titles using AI-supported technology. Product information is sharpened over time based on actual sales results of in-market use using machine learning to optimize performance.

Results Dashboard

Review sales predictions, track and monitor key metrics including up-to-date sales, discoverability rankings and sales conversion rates. Providing you with in-depth review of the progress made each week completes the flywheel with continuous feedback.


Behind the scenes of Firebrand Flywheel’s RECOMMENDATION ENGINE:

Flywheel will be available in 2024. Get on the list now! Contact Joshua Tallent, Director of Sales & Education, to get started.