Metadata Review Service

Countless studies have shown that increasing quality of your metadata can directly correlate to increased visibility and sales for your titles. The problem most publishers have is just not knowing whether their metadata is of the necessary quality.

Firebrand Technologies’ Metadata Review Service is the perfect solution to that problem!

For a small one-time fee, we will run your entire product list through an automated quality assessment process that looks at four key metadata elements that can impact the visibility and sales of your books:

  • Keywords
  • BISAC subject codes
  • Author biography
  • Long description

After the assessment is run, you will receive a report describing where this metadata does not currently meet industry recommendations, as well as a 30-minute consultation call to drill into the results and to discuss practical ways you can use that information to enhance your metadata and increase your sales.

Once you complete your metadata cleanup, we will run your metadata through the assessment tool again to compare your results, and provide you with another 30-minute consultation.

Have questions? Want to sign up? Contact us today!