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As discoverability becomes more important and publishers struggle to capture the relationships with their readers, there is a distinct trend toward publishers selling and promoting books and eBooks directly to consumers on their own websites.

Direct2Reader offers publishers many benefits, including:

Digital Rights Management options, including Adobe Content Server, and Social DRM and Watermarking
Managing a simple end-user experience
Seizing targeted sales and marketing opportunities, without trading partner limitations
Bundling print and eBooks together with special pricing
Selling all eBook formats, including the Kindle format, outside of the standard retail channels
Building a reliable customer contact database
Collecting customer feedback and data that can positively influence acquisitions, marketing, and other parts of the overall business

Firebrand is proud to offer a Social DRM and Watermarking service, formerly offered through Enthrill. As of March 2017 Enthrill service offerings transitioned to the Firebrand suite of products.

Explore Firebrand’s Direct2Reader models below and contact us for a demonstration and more information.

Clients include:

The people at Firebrand really know publishing. They have all of the technical knowledge and experience, of course, but they know publishing inside and out and can speak to us in our own language. They also have a depth and breadth of experience and a genuine interest in the future of the business. All of this together makes them not only a great vendor, but a valuable resource.

Jana Faust Manager, Digital Assets and IT, University of Nebraska Press May 19, 2016

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