Your audience is smart. Every day, normal consumers post reviews on Amazon and other online bookstores, talking about the books they read. Every day, they search for new books to stimulate their minds and transport them to new places.

The words your audience uses to describe your book, the signals they give about how they feel about it, and the discussions they have about it online can all be leveraged in your marketing. Turn these audience insights into keywords and increase your visibility through higher search rankings on Amazon and beyond.

Simply said: audience-driven keywords work.

Firebrand’s Keywords service is powered by Kadaxis, the industry leader in audience analysis and keyword creation. Kadaxis utilizes a unique suite of tools to analyze your book’s audience and generate keywords that have a better chance of increasing page views, which leads to more sales.

  • Learn more about your book’s audience, so you can market to them more effectively.
  • Get keywords that are tailored to your audience’s language.
  • Learn about solutions for pre-publication research, frontlist titles, and deep backlist titles.
  • Explore how Kadaxis can be managed with Eloquence on Demand and Title Management for easy submissions and keyword imports.


Audience Analysis and Keyword Creation

Ideal for Post-Publication and Backlist
Our foundational audience analysis and keyword service is ideal for books with an established consumer presence on Amazon and Goodreads. We use machine learning algorithms to understand the topics readers discuss and the natural language they use to describe them. The insight we gain from your book’s audience is used to create keywords optimized for ecommerce search engines, such as Amazon search.

For each book, you’ll receive a comprehensive report including audience and Amazon search rank analysis, along with recommended keywords to boost your book’s search rankings and increase sales.

Option 1: Pay-As-You-Go

Tiered rates based on volume over time.
No subscription, get keywords when you need them.

Option 2: Monthly Subscription

Update keywords for your most important titles every month, or slowly generate keywords for backlist titles over time.

Option 3: Premium Audience Research and Keyword Creation

Ideal for pre-publication and newly-published titles
Our premium service includes our foundational audience analysis and keyword service, and adds analysis of comparative titles and custom data sources, plus an expert review session. This service is ideal for pre-publication and newly-published titles, or for any title without a significant online presence. Our expert research team will assess similar titles and other audience data sources, such as social media and blogs, to deliver a deep analysis of your book’s audience and keyword recommendations. This service can also be tied into NetGalley reviews and BookishFirst “First Impressions” if these are available.

For each book, you’ll receive our audience analysis keyword report based on comparative titles and custom data sources, as well as a 15-minute review meeting to discuss insights about the target audience with your team.

Option 4: Custom Research

Are you brainstorming a new product? Trying to assess a unique audience? Trying to find the most appropriate marketing language for your new series of thrillers? Chris Sim, the founder of Kadaxis, provides custom audience research that can help you find this and other important information to help your project succeed. If one of the other options above does not seem like the best fit, please reach out to us to setup a call with Chris to discuss your needs.

Case Study on Increasing Book Sales and Visibility with Keywords

Want to learn more about how keywords affect sales? Firebrand Kadaxis conducted a study to research the impact keywords have on the sale of books. The results of this study are available here, and you can watch a video presentation about the project here.

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Want to learn more about Keywords? Watch our webinar, including answers to many common questions.

About Kadaxis

Kadaxis uses data science to improve book discovery across the publishing value chain. The company is based in New York, and counts many of the top publishing companies as clients. Our flagship Audience Analysis Keyword product improves the visibility of books in retailer search engines like Amazon search, leading to increased sales.

Awards & Accolades

2016 FutureBook BookTech Company of The Year
2016 BISG Industry Innovation Award Shortlist
2016 DBW – 4 Book Startups to Watch Out for in 2016
2014 BEA Startup Challenge Finalist