Who is the Firebrand Group?

We are a Technology company that helps publishers SUCCEED!

We have been helping publishers manage their internal workflows, digital distribution, and marketing efforts for over 35 years. Our technology solutions touch the lives of thousands of print, ebook, and audio professionals every day.

Our unique, community-focused approach gives our clients more than just tools and support, it helps create an optimal atmosphere for innovation and product success.

Manage your titles from acquisition through publication in the publishing workflow solution that set the standard

Seamlessly send rich title metadata and content to all your trading partners, wholesalers, and distributors

Title Performance Monitoring for your books in major retail channels

Connect with book advocates and industry professionals to build buzz, receive feedback and reviews, and discover early trends.

Websites, eCommerce solutions and data management for Trade & Academic publishers and University Presses.

The most powerful EPUB testing tool available

Reach consumers, book advocates, and trade professionals directly using our effective promotions.

Reach consumer reviewers directly with our standalone giveaway platform to start early buzz, boost reviews on pub date, and learn more about your audience.

researchlabslogoTesting theories and researching innovative ideas for the publishing community

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This is perhaps the most successful software implementation project we have ever had at Yale University Press. Firebrand has done an exceptional job.

John D. Rollins Deputy Director, Yale University Press May 25, 2016