Title information is truth. Keep it self-evident.

Title Management Enterprise is Firebrand’s core software application, a publishing workflow solution like no other. Whether you are managing your metadata with our Eloquence on Demand service or using our other enterprise-level features, Title Management Enterprise will be the center point of your experience.

The Title Management Enterprise application is specially designed for the needs of publishers. Every publishing venture is different, and this application is able to adapt to meet your needs and the unique workflows you and your team employ. The robust, configurable nature of Title Management Enterprise makes it easier to publish your content and manage your business without changing your entire process.

Title Management Enterprise provides you with the ability to manage every part of the publishing workflow, from the very beginnings of your title acquisition through scheduling, editorial, production, marketing and publicity. You can:

Take full advantage of all the resources in Title Management prepared for you by editorial, production, marketing and other departments
Manage all your title metadata in one place
Assign tasks and schedules and assign them to your team members and other participants
Manage your marketing and publicity projects
Track and maintain the terms of your contracts with authors and freelancers
Create and manage purchase orders for all your production vendors
Control your printings, complete with printing history
Automatically create product catalogs using the latest title information connected to your own InDesign templates
Utilize extensive, customizable reporting tools that help your planning and decision making processes
Manage journals and other periodicals, as well as other non-book products

Title Management Enterprise is able to help publishers of all shapes and sizes. It is not limited only to trade publishers or only to large publishers; our diverse range of clients also use the application to manage educational books and materials, audio books, non-book products, journals, marketing projects, publicity, and more.

The following pages will give you more information about how Title Management Enterprise can help all of the different parts of your business. Click on any of the links below to learn more:

Two years after a very successful installation of Title Management, I can unequivocally state that Firebrand has lived up to their commitments and we look forward to a long and productive relationship.

John Donatich Director, Yale University Press May 25, 2016