Our Core Values

Long Term Perspective
We have a realistic and shared vision for our future, we have communicated it and have a process in place for implementing it.

  • I take time to reflect/think about the future
  • I challenge myself to make bold plans
  • I have a structure in place to create and execute the plan
  • I take personal responsibility for my ongoing professional development
  • I support the growth of the leaders of our company

Financial Health
Achieve the financial results that enable us to improve, grow, and protect our business to achieve our vision.

  • I am a careful steward of all company resources including time and money.
  • I respect the time of others
  • I understand the impact my actions have on the financial health of the company and look for new ways to contribute
  • I do my part in performing to the budget
  • I eliminate low value activities

Encourage solutions that transcend traditional approaches.

  • I regularly challenge our assumptions and seek new ideas
  • I share my ideas and listen to the ideas of others
  • I am comfortable with the mess of the creative process
  • I celebrate the best idea, not necessarily my own
  • I make work fun for myself and others

Service Mindset
We do our best to help people that we interact with.

  • I look for ways to help others be successful
  • I try to understand the needs and perspectives of other people
  • I infuse my interactions with good humor and civility
  • I anticipate the needs of others
  • I am wise about what I commit to

Balance Work/Life
The sum total of what we do inside of work and outside that makes us who we are.

  • I’m engaged in activities that fulfill me outside of work
  • I make time for myself
  • I make time for my family and friends
  • I take care of myself

We trust and help each other to achieve our goals.

  • I act in the interest of the team, not just myself
  • I care about the people around me
  • I do what I say I am going to do
  • I respect the structures of the team

Standing up for what we  believe to be fair and honest, with authenticity and consistency.

  • I do the right thing especially when no one is watching, or it is the hard thing to do
  • I treat other people the way I want to be treated
  • I stand up for and defend my team when necessary
  • I am true to myself

Delivering superior results.

  • I execute to the details
  • I give the last 10%
  • I engage in processes that guarantee quality
  • I get results
  • I am always willing to sign my name to my work

Firebrand has developed a holistic approach to client relationship, from Sales through Implementation and Support. We strive to help publishers achieve success through our Core Values and through this Firebrand Experience.