Actionable market intelligence, powerful results

Metadata distribution is just the first step in selling your books; merchandising them is arguably more important. Merchandising is about more than just putting out some ads or scheduling author speaking events. Those are important, but you need to see through the eyes of your consumers, ensuring that the metadata you are sending out is properly represented by retailers. You need Actionable Market Intelligence and the ability to act on that intelligence quickly and easily.

Eloquence on Alert will amplify your merchandising efforts and add significant revenue-generating benefits to your books.

Eloquence on Alert augments Title Management and Eloquence on Demand, applying data analysis to provide Actionable Market Intelligence about your books, metadata, and retail merchandising efforts in key retail channels.

By analyzing the marketplace carefully, Eloquence on Alert will highlight and auto-correct metadata issues, helping your product sales to surge.

Eloquence on Alert will:

Watch and report fluctuating sale prices
Watch and report missing buy buttons that cost you sales
Watch and report audience behavior and trends such as reviews and ratings
Detect metadata issues in the marketplace and auto-correct where possible (coming soon!)
Provide consolidated sales reports and dashboards


Eloquence on Alert is available for publishers using Title Management v9.8 or higher and Eloquence On Demand. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact us.

Case Study on Increasing Book Sales and Visibility with Keywords

Want to learn more about how keywords affect sales? As part of our ongoing work with Actionable Market Intelligence, Firebrand has joined forces with Kadaxis to research the impact keywords have on the sale of books. The initial results of this study are available here, and you can watch a video presentation about the project here.

Inquire about Audience Analysis and Keyword recommendations from Kadaxis, a Firebrand Partner.