The Firebrand Community Doctrine

We at Firebrand Technologies believe the next step in the evolution of publishing is dependent on collaboration between publishers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers—not competition. As the marketplace quickly shifts to a place where traditional roles between the author and reader are disintermediated, we need to work together to understand how to sustain an environment of prosperity for all.

We all need to understand and adapt to this shifting market—and we need to do it quickly. Technology is changing the face of business at a exponential rate, and business must keep pace to survive.

While we don’t pretend to know all the answers to the many pressing questions of the day, we believe that—together—we can find the answers right here within our community. The Firebrand community includes many creative, smart, and energetic people, and it’s that very talent and creativity that will ensure that the publishing industry remains relevant and fulfilling in the years ahead.

Join us! Be a firebrand.