Find out if retailers will accept your EPUB.

FlightDeck is the most advanced EPUB Validation and Testing tool available. It delivers clear, actionable information to help you get your EPUB files ready for sale. From validation and best practices, to retailer-specific information and metadata editing, FlightDeck reduces your Quality Assurance workload and helps you fix file issues quickly.


Deeper Validation

EPUBCheck is only the beginning. FlightDeck interprets and explains the standard errors and warnings, helping you understand what to fix and how to fix it. In addition, FlightDeck performs other validation tests to ensure your file meets all the EPUB standards.

FligthDeckRetailerGridComprehensive Retailer-Specific Testing

We worked with the largest ebook retailers to create the most robust EPUB test suite available. Your file is verified against the actual requirements of Amazon, Apple, B&N, Kobo, Google, and NetGalley, using their own testing tools or using algorithms we created based on their requirements. You receive a comprehensive report detailing whether your file will be accepted by these partners and explaining anything you need to fix.

FD_icon_bestpracticesHelpful Best Practices

FlightDeck’s Best Practices testing, pulled from BISG and IDPF recommendations and from more than a decade of eBook creation experience, help you create better reading experiences. Get feedback on potential issues that impact the quality of your EPUB file.

FD_icon_metadataMetadata Editing

Do you regularly have to crack open your EPUB files just to add an ISBN or other metadata? FlightDeck has a built-in metadata editor that allows you to edit and add common metadata fields with ease.

FD_icon_statsFile Stats

FlightDeck provides a list of important and interesting information about your EPUB file to help you and your team delve deeper into your eBook creation, including information on external links, embedded fonts, image dimensions, and more.

FD_icon_powerPower at Your Fingertips, No Coding Required

Not a developer? Not a problem! Anyone can use FlightDeck and benefit from the power it provides to the QA process. The output is human-readable, and the tool gives examples and tips for hard-to-understand errors. Every report can be exported as a PDF, allowing you to easily pass along the output to your development team or conversion vendor.

Integration with Title Management and Eloquence on Demand

FlightDeck is integrated with the Title Summary screen in Title Management, allowing you and your team to easily see a summary of the latest test results for an EPUB file and dig deeper to look at the errors and warnings given. This integration requires a subscription to Eloquence on Demand Elite, which comes with unlimited access to FlightDeck at no additional charge.

FlightDeck is available to anyone: publishers, ebook developers, outsource vendors, designers, and more, with two affordable subscription levels. If you need to test more titles than the subscriptions allow, please contact us to discuss larger subscriptions or bulk pricing.

FlightDeck is a great new #eprdctn tool, complete with retailer grids, to analyse your ebooks from several angles. It is an indispensable part of my workflow.

Laura Brady Brady Type August 29, 2016

Amazing! I’m overwhelmed by the range of information this tool smoothly provides. I can see FlightDeck becoming very addictive.

Mark D’Antoni eBookDesignWorks August 29, 2016

…without my FlightDeck I’d be in for a hard landing, I can tell you… the whole thing has just been fantastic for us.

Trond Knutsen University of Hawai`i Press October 7, 2016

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