How It Works

At Firebrand Technologies, our goal is to provide the publishing industry with the most powerful and useful publishing workflow solutions available. Our solutions cover a broad range of publisher and industry professional needs through numerous services and service level options.

Every publisher is different, so we have designed our services to be highly configurable and able to address your needs directly. Our Firebrand Experience team will work closely with you to define your short- and long-term goals, and will develop a plan to implement and customize the solutions that meet those goals.

Are you seeking to simply manage and distribute your metadata and content more efficiently? Or do you need a robust solution to manage the complete lifecycle of your publishing program?

Regardless of your specific needs, Firebrand has a solution.

Eloquence on Demand

For many publishers, the common entry point for working with Firebrand is our Eloquence on Demand metadata service. This standalone service allows publishers to address a major need—creating and distributing high-quality metadata—without needing to implement a new system across their entire organization right away.

If you become an EoD-only client you will receive 5 named user licenses to our Title Management: Eloquence on Demand Edition application. This is the same foundational Title Management application provided to Enterprise-level clients without the additional Enterprise features, but with all the extensive features designed to help you manage and distribute your metadata. This standalone service is already utilized by hundreds of publishers around the world, so the information and fields presented in this application are targeted for robust metadata and asset collection and distribution.

Note that Title Management: Eloquence on Demand Edition

In addition to providing you with a feature-rich environment for managing and distributing your metadata, EoD also provides:

  • complete support for print, ebook, and audio metadata and content distribution
  • complete support for ONIX and other metadata distribution formats
  • numerous Comments fields for your public-facing and internal workflow notes
  • an extensive Contacts database
  • printable Tip Sheets and New Title Information Sheets
  • Title History, Eloquence Verification reports, Titles Not Distributed and others
  • Advanced Search and ad hoc reporting and exports, including:
    • creating lists by any search criteria you select in the Advanced Search
    • run all the above reports for an entire list of titles

Eloquence on Demand provides access to Firebrand’s best-in-class support, including online documentation, email, and phone.

Eloquence on Demand is the most powerful metadata and content distribution service in the industry. Take a look at the service details for more information, and contact us if you would like to see a demo or get a quote.

Eloquence on Demand Service Levels

Eloquence on Demand is available in two different tiers, depending on which services you need:

  • The Enhanced level provides you with print, ebook, and audio metadata and image distribution.
  • The Elite level further adds eBook and audio file distribution, access to our ebook wholesale distribution program, and unlimited FlightDeck EPUB validation.

Additional details on each are available on the Service Levels page.

Eloquence On Demand Subscriptions

Eloquence On Demand is billed on a Per-Work/Per-Month subscription rate. A “Work” is a single title regardless of the number of formats (e.g., Hardcover + Paperback + EPUB + Kindle + Audio = 1 Work). Each month the number of active Works in the Eloquence On Demand service is counted and used to calculate your monthly cost. Non-active Works are not included in this count and may remain on the Eloquence On Demand service for historical purposes.

Title Management Enterprise Solutions

Title Management Enterprise, the industry-leading publishing workflow solution, includes extensive functionality that addresses issues and needs throughout your entire publishing process, including Acquisitions, Editorial, Production, Marketing, and Sales. With that in mind, we encourage publishers to give employees across the organization access to the application so that they can create, view, and interact with the data they need. Each Title Management user has their own unique login, and your organization has complete control over access and security for your employees. This removes barriers and allows you to maximize your return on investment.


Licenses are billed based on a per-user/per-month subscription fee, with no upfront capital investment in server hardware or installed software. Maintenance and support fees are included in the monthly subscription.

Licenses are based on a named user model, which does not force a user to logout of the system to free up a session for another user. Giving each user individual access allows staff to log into the system whenever they need to, opening up possibilities such as task assignments and title history reports for tracking changes to your data.

Administrators on your team can use security settings to grant or limit access to specific fields or sections of the application for specific users or user groups.

A Hosted Platform

Title Management Enterprise is a web-based application hosted in the Amazon Cloud, and can be accessed in any modern web browser. This means your team does not need to install or maintain software on their own computers, and they are all accessing the same data regardless of where they are in the world. This hosted solution includes all server administration, database administration and backups, and Firebrand software upgrade installations. The environment has 24/7 automatic monitoring with an on-call staff to deal with issues, and you gain all the benefits of our regular program updates and improvements.

Configuration settings allow users to maximize their own use of the system by configuring the Home Page and user-specific screen views so that they can quickly update or search for information.

Title Management Enterprise can be packaged with Eloquence on Demand as a full service solution.

The Firebrand Experience

At Firebrand, we know that integrating new publishing workflow solutions into existing workflows can be difficult. We work with our clients to find the best implementation path for them, providing discovery, development, training, and support all along the way.

We call this process the Firebrand Experience. Whether you are just starting out with our services, or want to add a new feature or function to your system, the Firebrand Experience provides the structure and support to integrate Title Management seamlessly into your operations.

Other Services

Firebrand also offers other powerful services such as FlightDeck, the most robust EPUB quality assurance tool available; NetGalley, the well-known marketing platform; and BookishFirst. Each of these services can stand alone or integrate with Eloquence on Demand and Title Management Enterprise.

Next Steps

If you would like to explore Eloquence on Demand or Title Management in more detail, just drop us a line and tell us a little bit about your organization. We will be happy to give you and your team a demo of the service and the Title Management interface, learn more about your specific needs, and answer all of the questions you may have.

If you have questions now or want clarification on anything you see on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.