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Everything You Need to Know About the 2024 Publishing Innovation Forum

As book publishing professionals, we all rely on constant adaptation and innovation to thrive in an evolving publishing landscape. That’s why the Firebrand Group is presenting the Publishing Innovation Forum– designed for the ENTIRE publishing industry.

What exactly is the Publishing Innovation Forum?

The inaugural Publishing Innovation Forum is a three-day, book publishing conference where book publishing professionals from all sectors of the industry can come together, learn from each other, and exchange ideas.

Our theme is “Exploring and Adapting to Change”! We’re gathering experts from across the industry to help other publishing professionals educate themselves on the new advances in technology and business within the industry, as well as how to adapt their marketing efforts for the future.

Join your industry peers as we transform our toughest challenges into innovations and initiatives that will impact sales, rights and permissions, marketing, audiobooks, ebooks, printing, distribution, and more.


What makes this conference unique?

Many publishing conferences are catered towards a specific publishing niche, such as independent, academic, Christian, etc. The Publishing Innovation Forum is open to all types of publishers, regardless of size, target audience, or genre.

Our goal is to connect as many different types of publishing professionals to pool all of our collective knowledge, learn from each other’s experience and ideas, and grow together.

Why is the Publishing Innovation Forum important?

Given the many changes our industry has faced—COVID, shifts in technology, complications of AI, the ongoing rise of self-publishing, etc., etc.— it’s important, now more than ever, to discuss our ongoing challenges and explore how the industry can prepare and adapt itself for the future.

We’re all in this together! That’s why it’s so important for us to gather at events like the Publishing Innovation Forum to jointly solve problems as we plan for the future. – Joshua Tallent, Firebrand Technologies Director of Sales & Education

Whether you’re a publishing veteran or brand new to the industry, we’re confident the Publishing Innovation Forum will provide you with the tools and resources to succeed for the future.

Who should attend?

This conference is open to anyone in the publishing industry interested in exploring how to navigate our ever-changing marketplace, including…

  1. Executives seeking insights and innovations to help move their companies forward
  2. Publishing professionals in editorial, production, manufacturing, rights, design, ebook creation, and more!
  3. Marketing, publicity, and sales experts, along with anyone interested in finding new and innovative ways to increase book discoverability and sales.
  4. Corporate insights, business ops, and data analysts interested in data and reporting strategies, best practices, and innovations.

When and Where is it!?

What registration discounts are available?

  • ~15% OFF REGISTRATION: Attendees can save $100 per ticket by registering before the early bird deadline! Early bird registration rates expire on June 30, 2024.
  • Special Group Rate: Multiple registrations from the same company may use the GROUP code at checkout for $50 off registration.

Formerly known as the Firebrand Group Industry Conference, the Publishing Innovation Forum was rebranded in May 2024 to better reflect the event’s focus on bringing the entire publishing industry together for conversations related to evolving and adapting to the book industry’s many challenges.

The Publishing Innovation Forum is presented by the Firebrand Groupa global collection of companies including Firebrand Technologies, NetGalley, and Supadu. The Firebrand Group offers comprehensive technology solutions to nurture book publisher success.