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The Difference Between Title Management Lite and Enterprise

You may already be aware of Firebrand Technologies’ newest product, Title Management Lite – the simplified, compact version of Title Management Enterprisedesigned to help small and mid-size publishers handle their workflows and data. But when we say “designed” for small and mid-size publishers, what does that really mean?

If you’re a small/midsize publisher, you may currently struggle with a hacked-together workflow system to manage all of your acquisitions, scheduling, metadata, marketing projects and events, catalogs, reports, and more. Many smaller publishers tend to rely on various methods to handle their data, such as endless spreadsheets, Dropbox, Airtable, and other generic software tools. The problem is these systems aren’t necessarily consistent or cohesive, and they do not provide publishing-specific solutions. On the other hand, large publishing workflow management systems are either too broad or too expensive for smaller publishers (or both!)

Enter Title Management Lite!

Firebrand Technologies has been helping publishers manage their internal workflows, digital distribution, and marketing efforts for over 35 years. We have developed our Title Management software from the ground up to handle the specific requirements of publishing workflows. Title Management Lite is the compact version of our original Title Management Enterprise system that includes our robust workflow tools while focusing on features geared towards publishers with fewer needs and/or smaller budgets.

What does Title Management Lite include?

  • Title Acquisitions– From proposal, through peer review and decision making, the acquisitions feature will help your team manage all incoming projects. Acquiring Editors can track the status of all submissions or proposals under review and log detailed Publication Plans to track formats, prices, seasons, and much more.
  • Metadata and Asset Distribution – Fully integrate with our Eloquence on Demand software to ensure accurate and timely metadata delivery.
  • Scheduling and Task Management– Utilize a fully customizable scheduling and task management system to improve the efficiency of your workflow and offer visibility for the entire publishing timeline.
  • Preconfigured Templates– Title Management Lite comes with free, built-in starter templates and workflows to get your team up and running quickly and eliminate tedious data entry.
  • Catalog Creation – Our system integrates with InDesign’s EasyCatalog plugin to seamlessly integrate data and create catalogs quickly.
  • Marketing – Manage marketing projects and events, including budgets, scheduling, dedicated note fields, and more, with all of that planning interconnected with title records.
  • Reporting – Powerful custom reporting tools, with pre-configured templates for Tip Sheets, Data Exports, Schedules, and Marketing Activity.
  • Automatic Alerts – Regularly scheduled email alerts to keep your team on track.

Title Management Lite provides a powerful and highly configurable publishing workflow management tool that organizes your data and streamlines your efficiency without the cost of implementing a complex enterprise system.

The Difference Between Title Management Enterprise and Lite

Title Management Enterprise and Title Management Lite are actually the same system! Our new, compact Title Management Lite just has a few limitations on which features are available; however, it also provides an easy upgrade to Title Management Enterprise when the time is right for your company.

See below for some core differences between Enterprise and Lite. Keep in mind, these are by NO means the only features included in these robust systems.

For more information on these features, visit our website.


  • Does Title Management Lite require the Eloquence on Demand service? – Yes, an Eloquence on Demand subscription is required for Title Management Lite clients. If you currently utilize a third party to distribute your data (such as Ingram), Eloquence on Demand can send your product data to that platform. If you already utilize Eloquence on Demand, your data will simply be moved into the Title Management system. Easy as pie!
  • How long will the setup take? – Once an agreement has been finalized, setup moves very fast! Since all Title Management Lite features are preconfigured, we can have your team up and running in as little as 8-12 weeks.
  • Will you train our team on the program? – Absolutely! Every Title Management Lite installation comes with personalized training, built-in documentation, and walkthrough videos!
  • Can I downgrade from Enterprise to Lite? – No, unfortunately not.
  • How does pricing work? – Title Management Lite will require a small one-time setup fee, as well as per-user monthly licensing fees with a minimum of three users (instead of Enterprise’s 10-user minimum).

If you have any other questions or are interested in a FREE personalized demo, reach out to Joshua Tallent, Director of Sales & Education, at joshua@firebrandtech.com.