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Don’t 🍁FALL🍂 for these Book Publishing Myths

This November, let’s take some time to debunk some book publishing myths surrounding our Firebrand Technologies products and services. As an active partner in the book publishing industry for over 35 years, we cater to a wide range of book publishers, be it large or small, trade, education, Christian, comics & so much more!

Myth #1: Firebrand Solutions are ONLY for Large Publishers

COMPLETELY false! Many of our solutions and services are available to small and midsize publishers. Whether you’re a large, traditional publisher or a smaller, independent press, our solutions can be adapted to meet your specific company needs. Not to mention, there are SO MANY to choose from!

  • Title Management Enterprise offers robust capabilities that meet the complex demands of larger publishers, including scheduling, P&Ls, production management, and more.
  • Eloquence on Demand is the industry standard for metadata and asset distribution. Deliver print, ebook, and audiobook metadata to all of your trading partners in ONIX, Excel, custom formats, and more.
  • Eloquence on Alert is the most powerful retail compliance auditing tool in the industry and is suitable for publishers of all sizes!
  • Get your EPUB files ready for sale easily with FlightDeck, the most advanced EPUB Validation and Testing tool available! From validation and best practices, to retailer-specific information and metadata editing, FlightDeck reduces your Quality Assurance workload and helps you fix file issues quickly.


  • For small to midsize publishers, Firebrand Technologies is excited to launch Title Management Lite! Featuring the essentials of Title Management Enterprise and Eloquence on Demand, but without the higher cost, Title Management Lite provides core functionality that will help you take your workflow and data to the next level. Available in early 2024! 
  • Also available in early 2024 is our new backlist sales and marketing full-service, Flywheel! Allow Firebrand to do the work for you as we utilize hand-crafted algorithms, along with AI assistance, to strategically select which backlist titles to update at just the right time to achieve maximum sales impact! 

“The people at Firebrand really know publishing. They have all of the technical knowledge and experience, of course, but they know publishing inside and out and can speak to us in our own language. All of this together makes them not only a great vendor, but a valuable resource.” – Jana Faust, University of Nebraska Press

If you have questions on any of these products or services, contact Joshua Tallent at joshua@firebrandtech.com for a free demo and discussion today! 

Myth #2: Firebrand Solutions are catered more towards Trade Publishers

False! Our products are suitable for all types of book publishers since they allow detailed customization based on varied publisher requirements. Clients of Firebrand Technologies are very diverse, including Trade, Education, University Press, Scholarly, Christian, Digital, and more! We’re certainly not limited to just ONE type of publishing. 

“As a publisher of both books and journals, we needed a system that could support many types of publications and could grow with us and our business. Title Management fit the bill. What we didn’t anticipate, and now greatly depend on, is the strong community that comes with working with Firebrand” – Allison C. Belan, Duke University Press

Myth #3: Firebrand Solutions are TOO Expensive for Small Publishers

False false false. Being a not-so-massive company ourselves, we understand the needs and limitations of smaller publishers, as well as the diverse financial constraints faced by the entire industry.

Title Management Enterprise and Eloquence on Demand Elite offer the largest functionality and carry the heavier prices, while Title Management Lite and Eloquence on Demand Enhanced serve similar functionality, but at a more affordable cost. Meanwhile, Eloquence on Alert and FlightDeck are suitable for publishers of all shapes, sizes, and budgets!

Myth #4: Firebrand Solutions Cannot be Customized or Catered to our needs

Much like the majestic beets of Schrute Farms, Firebrand products are extremely versatile and can be cooked – I mean, customized – to meet your individual needs and workflows! For example, with Eloquence on Alert, emailed alerts can be customized so you’re getting notifications for the issues that matter most to you. 

Our Title Management modules are highly configurable and are being used by many different kinds of publishers in many different ways. Take advantage of configurable dashboards, custom reports, page views for different types of users, custom templates, and so much more!

“Simon & Schuster has been working with Firebrand for almost 20 years. Their responsiveness to our needs and their general flexibility to the changing publishing environment has always been excellent.” – Anne L. Davies, Simon & Schuster Publishers

Have a specific workflow but don’t know how to make it work? Let us know! Our support and professional services teams are ALWAYS willing to configure our systems to make all your publishing dreams come true (and make the data nightmares go away). 

“This is perhaps the most successful software implementation project we have ever had at Yale University Press. Firebrand has done an exceptional job.” – John D. Rollins, Yale University Press

Myth #5: Firebrand Solutions DO NOT Impact Sales or Visibility

We at Firebrand Technologies have been helping publishers manage their internal workflows, digital distribution, and marketing efforts for over 35 years! Our solutions were created by software and publishing industry experts and were designed to naturally enhance a book’s visibility and discoverability, as well as ultimately contribute to increased sales across the board. 

All of us at Firebrand share a passion for books and a fierce dedication to quality. 

  • Our software allows publishers to efficiently manage, monitor, and optimize their metadata, ensuring better online visibility amongst readers.
  • The efficiency of Title Management allows publishers to streamline their combined workflows, bringing their books to market faster and providing easy transparency for publishing teams throughout the entire process. 
  • Eloquence on Demand is the industry gold standard for metadata and content distribution, saving you time AND energy as we deliver your product information to over 500 possible online trading partners!
  • Alerts from Eloquence on Alert have saved publishers some major sales headaches when their buy button suddenly disappears or their sales prices suddenly get altered on online retail sites. 
  • FlightDeck is your best friend when it comes to validating EPUB files.This small but powerful tool ensures that your EPUBs pass quality standards and follow industry best practices.

“Eloquence continues to perform well for us, and we’ve experienced real growth in our market penetration and coverage. It has made a big difference in getting our metadata to our business partners in a timely and accurate fashion.” – Christopher Leonesio, Harvard Education Press

Phew! We’re glad to have shattered some of these myths flying around. Is your mind blown?! We at Firebrand Technologies are proud and passionate about the versatility of our software. From our new, exciting products and services, such as Title Management Lite and Flywheel, to our classic products like Eloquence on Demand, we are determined to empower book publishers of all shapes, sizes, and budgets!

Curious about any of the products mentioned!? Schedule a free demo with our brainy book expert, Joshua Tallent (joshua@firebrandtech.com), to learn more!