From proposal, through peer review, due diligence, and finally decision making, Title Management’s Acquisitions module will help your team make the best decisions about which projects to acquire. Acquiring Editors can track the status of all submissions or proposals under review and establish detailed Publication Plans to track formats, prices, and seasons. Descriptive copy can be entered to help make the case as to why you’re interested in a title. Multiple iterations of the manuscript can be tracked, and peer reviewers can be assigned.

Title Management’s P&L function allows you to build your business case at each critical stage of a title — Acquisition, Transmittal, and Publication. P&Ls can be created based on templates for release strategy, and allow calculation by format and year for sales, royalties, prepress costs, paper/print/bind costs, marketing, overhead, and more.

When an Acquisitions project is approved, multiple formats of ‘the Work’ are created at the click of a button, assigning unique ISBNs, and all the key information propagates automatically to individual Title Summary records.



Contact management and participant assignment — ex. editors, authors, contributors, peer reviewers
Peer review management
Task management and schedule tracking
Manuscript iterations
Title P&L
Contract details
Territorial rights and sub-rights management
Acquisition status & schedule reports


Eliminate redundant data entry by accumulating vital title information early, starting with the acquisition process.
Communicate more efficiently and professionally with authors, peer reviewers, and editorial boards.
Make a stronger business case for new products by demonstrating careful due diligence and offering transparency to colleagues and key stakeholders throughout the approval process.
Utilize the sophisticated contact database to track your authors, contributors and peer reviewers by discipline or area of expertise.
Make your acquisition meetings more productive by printing customized reports by product, discipline, editor and more.

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In the old days, Acquisitions lived on its own—maintaining spreadsheets for everything imaginable. Now, using Acquisitions in Title Management, we are integrated with the rest of the press and, when we are ready, can approve projects and automatically create title records for the rest of the press to see. Our Acquisitions process is more streamlined and the acquisition status reports give us the view of our projects when and how we need it. We can’t live without it!

Lindsay Toland Senior Acquisitions Administrator, Yale University Press May 25, 2016