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Title Management Desktop is back!

Editor’s Note: In case it was not clear, this was all an elaborate April Fool’s Joke.

Are you worried about security? Are you pining for the good old days when all of your work was done in desktop applications instead of on websites?

Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Title Management 5.1 for Desktops!

The Title Information page in Title Management 5.1

Title Management 5.1 does away with most of the complex configurations and special capabilities of Title Management 10.5, and returns users to the previous heightened state of efficiency that comes with fewer features and functions. For example, the Home screen is much more streamlined in version 5.1, just showing the Firebrand logo instead of those complex-looking dashboards

The Home screen in Title Management 5.1

In addition to these awesome feature reductions, we are excited to announce that Title Management Desktop will now be available on three CD-ROM disks! No more fumbling with twelve different floppy disks just to install the application.

Are you considering a change? Would you like to know more? Please see our complete overview video here!