The advantage of fluency

Eloquence on Demand is the most powerful and configurable metadata distribution service available. Your team will benefit in a multitude of ways when switching from your current process to Eloquence, including:

Increased staff productivity

Cut the clutter by having a single database with metadata and assets for all titles
Eliminate redundant and menial data tasks associated with maintaining multiple systems

Improved supply chain management

Improve trading partner relationships by refining the flow of critical title information and assets
Benefit from Firebrand Technologies’ longstanding relationships with trading partners

Renowned support staff and quality assurance

The Eloquence on Demand™ support team can help resolve issues through our extensive network of contacts
Sophisticated feedback reports help improve your title information

Access to 500+ global trading partners

Open up potential new sales channels and relationships and increase sales through unlimited trading partner accounts and wholesale options (see our Trading Partner list)

Powerful Title Management Functions

The standalone Eloquence on Demand service is available in a reduced-functionality version of Title Management Enterprise
Track all of your core title information in one location
ISBNs, BISAC subject categories, book specifications, and other bibliographic data
Robust author/contributor contact information
Multiple price types in multiple currencies
Link multiple formats of the same work for eaiser updates and more consistency
Author sales track and Competitive/Comparative titles
Standard, pre-defined reports

Seamless integration

Firebrand Title Management Enterprise users can effortlessly release title data, cover images, and digital assets to Eloquence on Demand™
Title updates previously released to Eloquence on Demand™ are automatically processed
Publishers can eliminate manual data entry into redundant retailer portals and multiple retailer metadata spreadsheets


Explore Eloquence on Demand in more detail or contact us if you have questions:

We chose to work with Firebrand on the strengths of Title Management as a flexible, configurable product and project management tool and Eloquence as a rock-solid way to get our publications to market. As a publisher of both books and journals, we needed a system that could support many types of publications and that could grow with us and our business, and Title Management fit the bill. What we didn’t anticipate, and now greatly depend on, is the strong community that comes with working with Firebrand. Firebrand participates fully in the publishing industry, not just as vendor in an exhibit hall. They bring ideas, best practices, and innovations back to the user community, and we benefit tremendously from the experiences of the wide variety of publishers who use their tools and services.

Allison C. Belan Director of Digital Strategies and Systems, Duke University Press May 19, 2016

Firebrand has provided a solid foundation to support the growth of our publishing operation. Before our implementation of Title Management, product information was spread throughout our organization. Title Management has centralized our product information, which has led to improved accuracy and communication across our company. Firebrand has also provided powerful tools for our marketing team, allowing us to communicate more effectively and efficiently with our trading partners through Eloquence. In addition to providing the infrastructure for our publishing and marketing operations, Firebrand provides solid support. Our team has been impressed by the Firebrand consultants; their knowledge of the publishing industry and understanding of the challenges companies like ours face gives them an ability to develop solutions that solve our business needs. Title Management, Eloquence and the support we have come to rely upon from the Firebrand team has played a key role in growing our product line and supporting our transition from print to digital.

Shannon DeProfio Vice President, Publishing, Goodheart-Willcox May 19, 2016

Eloquence continues to perform well for us, and we’ve experienced real growth in our market penetration and coverage. It has made a big difference in getting our metadata to our business partners in a timely and accurate fashion.

Christopher Leonesio Editorial and Production Director, Harvard Education Press May 25, 2016

Firebrand Technologies’ Eloquence Metadata service facilitates the delivery of accurate, timely product data from publishers to down-stream users. I have long admired Firebrand Technologies’ contribution to data integrity. I can give you no better testimony than to tell you our two publishing divisions, Sterling Publishing and Barnes & Noble Proprietary Publishing, are both Firebrand Technologies shops.

Joe Gonnella Vice President of Inventory Management & Vendor Relations, Barnes & Noble May 25, 2016

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