Your reach can exceed your grasp

Eloquence on Demand Elite customers have the added ability to sign up for our ebook wholesale program. Our wholesale program allows you to extend the reach of your ebooks to a curated list of retailers around the world, without you having to negotiate direct agreements with those retailers or maintain additional account relationships. We have our own accounts with these partners and are able to sell your ebooks through them, in exchange for a small percentage of each sale.

With our wholesale program, you are in control of which retailers your ebooks are sold through, and are able to adjust that opt-in list over time. As you expand your own accounts to these partners, we can switch your books from the wholesale program to standard EoD delivery.

This is also a great way for publishers to reach Amazon and Barnes & Noble, outside of the KDP and Nook Press platforms, and streamline operations by initiating all ebook distributions from within Title Management.

For more information on the wholesale program, including royalty rates and costs, please contact us.

Broaden your reach
Reduce relationship overhead
Lengthen the shelf life of your titles
Go beyond traditional ebook retail channels
Monthly consolidated partner sales reports


Explore Eloquence on Demand in more detail or contact us if you have questions:

Eloquence continues to perform well for us, and we’ve experienced real growth in our market penetration and coverage. It has made a big difference in getting our metadata to our business partners in a timely and accurate fashion.

Christopher Leonesio Editorial and Production Director, Harvard Education Press May 25, 2016