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Firebrand Group Endorses BISG Statement on Misuse of the Subtitle Field

In May 2023, the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) released a statement reminding the industry of the proper use of the title and subtitle fields. This statement joins a 2018 statement from BIC on the same topic, and is, in many ways, a restatement of the best practices defined in the BISG’s Best Practices for Product Metadata guide.

The problem being addressed is that some publishers are including promotional and marketing text in the subtitle metadata field (and sometimes even the title field). This marketing text is promoted by data professionals outside the book industry as a method for better product discoverability on certain retailers. However, a problem arises when those metadata differences spread throughout the supply chain. Extraneous content in the title and subtitle fields can cause issues for distributors, data aggregators, libraries and other parts of the supply chain that use those fields to properly identify the product in question.

Firebrand Group’s supporting statement reads:

“Firebrand Group—a global collection of technology companies including Firebrand Technologies, NetGalley, and Supadu Ltd—fully supports BISG and this latest set of best practice guidelines. Misusing clearly defined metadata fields muddies the waters for everyone in the publishing industry and creates inefficiencies. By following BISG guidelines, for this and other key fields, more books will more easily reach more readers.”

Firebrand Group’s supporting statement joins statements from other industry leaders.

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