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Firebrand Technologies Launches Eloquence on Alert

Firebrand Technologies, a trusted leader in technology services for the publishing industry, knows that smarter decisions come from better intelligence. With that in mind, Firebrand is pleased to announce the public launch of Eloquence on Alert, its newest title performance monitoring product.

Eloquence on Alert’s proprietary data gathering service collects key, hard-to-access details about products from major online marketplaces and review sites, to put all that information directly at publishers’ fingertips. Firebrand has been collecting, reviewing, and analyzing this specific data internally for over two years, and has developed a robust tool that is targeted to the unique needs of publishers. With this new application, publishers can see and interact with important data about price changes, missing buy buttons, products that suddenly disappear, third party sellers taking over the buy box, and more.

These details are made available in a dedicated interface, with powerful alerts, search, and classification tools to help publishers address problems and leverage opportunities like never before.

“Eloquence on Alert helps publishers identify issues and trends that would be very difficult to discern otherwise, saving them time and money and allowing for the reallocation of resources to new or different projects,” said Catherine Toolan, Firebrand’s Director of Eloquence Services.

The Eloquence on Alert service is available to publishers via a monthly subscription, and is not bundled with other Firebrand products. Find out more and sign up for a demo at http://eloquenceonalert.com.

To learn more about Firebrand Technologies, please visit: www.firebrandtech.com, or email info@firebrandtech.com.


About Firebrand Technologies
Firebrand Technologies is dedicated to providing leading software and services to help publishers achieve success. Firebrand provides steadfast leadership and seamless information flow throughout the entire publishing process. Title Management Enterprise Software tracks titles from pre-acquisition through post-production, marketing, and sales. Eloquence on Demand is the industry gold standard for implementing ONIX and maximizing control of how data and assets reach the marketplace. Eloquence on Alert’s proprietary title performance monitoring service collects key, hard-to-access details about your products from major online marketplaces and review sites, and puts all of that information directly at your fingertips. FlightDeck is the most powerful EPUB Quality Assurance and validation tool available. NetGalley helps publishers connect with a large and growing number of book influencers, creating buzz about your books, and getting key feedback, before publication.